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updated 10 August 2015

Bill Weinman · Python 3 Essential Training

Python 3 Essential Training with Bill Weinman is designed to give you a good a good foundation in Python, with all its major features and properties, so you can use it to build powerful and compelling applications for yourself and for your clients

For students with at least some programming experience, Python 3 Essential Training covers the basic syntax of Python 3, its data structures, its rich object model, and how to create effective applications using this powerful language.

Python 3 Essential Training topics include:

  • Python 3 syntax and structure
  • A Python 3 quick start for experienced developers
  • Creating functions and objects
  • Using Python's built-in objects and classes
  • Repeating code with loops and iterators
  • Understanding and using conditional expressions
  • Creating sequences with generators
  • Reusing code with objects and libraries
  • Handling errors with exceptions

Try Python 3 Essential Training on today!

Having trouble installing PyDev from within Eclipse?

Sometimes the site is down or not working. It's pretty easy to install PyDev manually, you may download it here: .

To install PyDev manually, simply unzip the file and copy the entire contents into your eclipse/dropins folder. You'll find the dropins folder inside of the eclipse folder. To find your eclipse folder on a Mac, look in Applications, or on Windows look in Program Files or Program Files (x86).

You will need to re-start Eclipse after installing PyDev.

Eclipse and PyDev have been updated

Soon after recording this course, the Eclipse project released a major update and the PyDev project was updated as well. The installation procedure for PyDev has subtly changed. Please see my updated installation intructions for installing the latest version of PyDev with Eclipse:

Asking for help

If you need help with this course the help request form on is designed to help you by collecting the necessary information as you submit your request. I am not able to support courses directly. If your request requires my assistance, the support staff will contact me.

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